💰 BTAF token weekly bulletin #57 – 3 February 2024

💰 BTAF BULLETIN – 3 February 2024 #57: Let’s talk about BTAF Buy!

To (mis)quote *NSYNC:
“Hey, hey
Buy, buy, buy, buy” 🤪

And if you’re not sure what we’re referring to, on Thursday this last week we touched on the new BitcoinTAF.com feature that is BTAFBuy! 🥳

Let’s recap some of the important aspects from this last week👇🏼:

📺 AMA Recording: If you missed out our AMA from this week, you definitely want to watch it to catch up on our, BTAF Buy, CyberDogz NFTs update, as well as notes on staking, the Gifting airdrop, and more. Buy the way, please watch it HERE 👈🏻

💎 IPO Members: Keep an eye on your channel for more Coin Quest Lite coin calls over the next week 👀

🥩 Staking: Staking is still on-going in the 180-day / 20% APR staking contract! Remember that you can stake at any point, but the sooner you do, the sooner rewards will be generated!

❗️Note: Please unstake any tokens still left in the 3 staking contracts, and claim your rewards there. These tokens can be then staked in the new contract.

📉 BNB analysis: The 12hr trend is still running underneath a top descending trend level. Detonator B points to a new green dot printing soon that will see more bullish moves. In the past week, the trend moved below the 303 level and 314 still remains a key level to watch. The 25th of Jan was a bottom at 290 and we are slowly moving upward. All higher timeframes look favorable.🚀

🎫 For any BTAF token questions around any of the above, please visit our Help Centre at https://help.btaftoken.io/ or create a support ticket HERE.

📅 AMA: Our next AMA will be on Thursday, March 7th.
Keep an eye on the announcement channel for all the info around this as per usual.

Buy for now!

The BTAF token team


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