💸✂️ BTAF token weekly bulletin #68 – 20 April 2024

party edition NFT contest

💸✂️ BTAF BULLETIN – 20 April 2024 #68 – The party edition!

It’s party central over here at BTAF token with our party edition! 💃🏼🕺🏻

Happy Bitcoin Halving Day! 🥳

While we generally keep an eye on the market, especially BNB, it’s important to note that this will be the last BTC halving for the next 1423 days, give or take a block 😁

And do you know what is also seldom seen? Incredible, unique NFTs being given away!! 😱 No wonder we’re calling it the party edition!

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, read the previous posts or read down below!

🪙 BTAF token:

The launch of BTAFBuy Direct has been a huge success with many members already taking advantage of the simpler way to purchase BTAF tokens – directly from our BitcoinTAF.com website!
It’s as easy as – choosing the number of BTAF tokens you’d like to purchase, paying for them with the Coinpayments option, sending your BSC (Binance Smart Chain) wallet address to us via a support ticket, and receiving your tokens! ✅

Once you receive your tokens, why not take advantage of the current staking contract to generate even more tokens!


Our Cyber BullDogz are still up for adoption. We will start introducing the litter to all of you in the BTAF announcement channel weekly. Have you seen the latest pup, Aqua Arcanum?? 😍

Participating in our Gleam Contest is a no-brainer! Do not miss out on this chance to win a rare work of art! 😎

👉🏼 You can view all three of the current collections on our BitcoinTAF.com website, https://bitcointaf.com/btaf-token-nfts/

🎮 Gleam contest:

There are just TWO more days left in which to enter our Gleam contest where you can win not only a BitcoinTAF NFT, but also BTAF tokens and access to the HodlFire Indicator?! 👀

What are you waiting for?! Read more HERE


💎 IPO Members:

We hope you enjoyed this month’s call with Marius, Nico and the team. As you know it is super important to hear what will be happening next in the market so you can set yourselves up to take advantage of the next run!

👉🏼 If you aren’t already an IPO member, now is the perfect time to join so you can take advantage of the information that Marius & Nico share in the monthly calls! 🔥

🥩 Staking:

This year is flying by with April two-thirds finished already. If you staked into the current 180-day / 20% APR contract close to when it launched, there are only around 44 days remaining until the contract matures 🥳

The good news is that you can claim your rewards anytime, but once the contract matures you can unstake your tokens, and then do it all again for another 6 months!

👉🏼 Remember that you can also use those extra, generated tokens to purchase products and subscriptions on www.BitcoinTAF.com

📉 BNB analysis:

The trend is still following a sideways move on the 504.2 support level. Trend line resistance along with level 565 is proving to be a very strong resistance level. A pennant is forming on the higher timeframes, as well as a turnaround seems to be incoming with good potential momentum behind the trend. After the weekend, we may see some more bullish movement, but level 565.4 will be a key break confirmation.

📺 AMA recording:

If you missed our April AMA, then grab a bowl of popcorn and catch up on what you missed!

🎫 Support Centre:

For any BTAF token questions around any of the above, please visit our Help Centre at https://help.btaftoken.io/ or create a support ticket HERE.

📅 AMA:

Our next AMA will be on May the 2nd, at 9am UTC. More details on this to come in the week leading up to it.

Have a full weekend, no half measures! 🔥

The BTAF token team