📣❗️Gleam NFT contest winners! 🥳

NFT winners contest NFT

Our NFT Gleam contest was very popular with a bunch of you all, and we’re not surprised! Here are the 📣❗️Gleam NFT contest winners! 🥳

With a rare BitcoinTAF.com NFT up for grabs (along with 2 other great prizes), the entries came flying in.. 9605 to be precise 😱

But let’s get to the good stuff! Without any further ado, here are the prize winners:

🥇: Jenny D, who wins that unique #1 NFT from the Prize Pool 🖼
🥈: Donatienne dL, who wins 100 BTAF tokens 🪙
🥉: Eden B, who wins 30 days access to the HodlFire indicator 🔥

Congratulations to all our 📣❗️Gleam NFT contest winners! 🥳 If the three of you could please submit a support ticket to claim your prize! 👏👏

Have you heard? BTAF Token is launching on BitMart!

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