BTAF token weekly bulletin #31 – Aug 4th

BTAF BULLETIN – 4 Aug 2023 #31

It’s just 4 days until we launch the 3rd BTAF token staking contract!! 😍

🎥 If you missed last week’s AMA, here it is for your convenience. Do watch it as Vikki went over the current staking contract and the new one to be launched!

❗️IPO: Keep your eyes peeled over in the IPO members channel for updates around WoR and HM ☄️

📉 BNB analysis:
We have seen a 4.23% movement upward past our top weekly trendline as discussed last week. It seemed like good support on the DTM EMA, but soon moved again beneath it. We still maintain a ranging movement within the weekly pattern. The move this week showed what is to come. Patience is now key as we are on the cusp of a great move. Trendline and indicator confluence will be key.

🥩 Staking:
We are now into the 8th week of the 90-day / 35% APR contract!

As you will have noticed during the week, we have turned off the ability to stake in the current contract.
DO NOT unstake until the time counter reaches “0”. Your tokens will still be generating more rewards so there is no need to unstake AND if you do, you will incur a penalty.

❗️For those who haven’t yet, please unstake from the first 90 day / 65% Apr contract. Your tokens are just sitting there not generating any new rewards.

📣 The new staking contract will be announced on 7 Aug and then launched on 8 Aug – watch the channel for more details!

❗️Please be careful and double check with which contract you are interacting with when you are on the BTAF token staking platform ⚠️

💸 The August Gifting airdrop took place on Monday. Please check your wallets. If there are any queries, please do drop us a support ticket over in your back office. The support ticket link is also further down in this bulletin.

👉🏼 If you have not yet completed your forms for the BTAF token Gifting airdrop, please do so sooner rather than later! The Gifting airdrop form completion deadline is 1 Oct 2023. You all need to complete the form prior to this date in order for you all to be eligible for your BTAF token gift!

⚡️ BTAFPay: Then, as mentioned previously, the next product that you will be able to pay for using BTAFPay is the Ultimate Trading Course.

Head on over to and go to the Online Store, and simply select the product (there are a few now), and when choosing to pay for it, select BTAFPay!

See how Fluffy is juggling them? 🤩

🎫 For any BTAF token questions around any of the above, please visit our Help Centre at or create a support ticket HERE.

📅 The next live AMA is scheduled for Thursday, Aug 10th 2023 at 9am UTC. More details on this to come as usual.

Have a superb weekend everyone!

Team BTAF token

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