🎆 BTAF token weekly bulletin #79 – 7 July 2024

independence edition Celebration edition July 4th

🎆 BTAF BULLETIN – 7 July 2024 #79 – The Independence Edition

What a busy week it’s been… Not only were there celebrations with 4th of July, but we also had our monthly AMA on Thursday!

And speaking of updates, we’re shaking things up a bit with the weekly bulletin as well! Give us a 🔥, 🤩, ❤️ or a 👍 at the end of this if you like the new format!

Let’s see what is new down below 👇🏼

📺 AMA recording:

In Thursday’s AMA, the team went over the following topics: Marius touched on BNB, the BTAF token as well as the general market sentiment; Nico showed us his workflow around the NFTs (impressive!), Wendy touched on the IPO members call and Vikki reminded us of the 2 current staking contracts. Do yourselves a favour and watch it HERE! 👀

💎 IPO Members:

Keep an eye out for details in your channel for your call later on in July!
👉🏼 If you’re interested in the IPO channel, you can take advantage of the kinds of information that our IPO Members receive, and more!

🥩 Staking:

There are two staking contracts currently available, one of them exclusively for IPO members.
👉🏼 For those who haven’t yet unstaked their tokens from their completed contracts, please do so as you can restake your BTAF tokens in a fresh new contract!

📉 BNB analysis:

Support and resistance levels, as well as the HPL, remain key analysis tools. A Red Jackal on the 12hr sends the trend down and is retesting the 466.6 HPL level. There is an important weekly level at 452 and below, another HPL at 437.
The Detonator B indicates a truly massive bottom momentum on the 12 hours, and the higher timeframes are moving into a new green trigger formation. The bottom is surely in, and not much more correction is expected. Following S/R and HPL levels will be the best approach for bottom formation. Volume-weighted reset also brings new confluence ✍️

💱 BitMart Exchange:

For any BitMart-related questions, do see our BTAF token FAQ section.

🎫 Support Centre:

For any BTAF token questions around any of the above, please visit our Help Centre at https://help.btaftoken.io/ or create a support ticket HERE.

🎮 Community Game:

Look our for another fun community game early next week where the top 3 performers will win BTAF tokens! 🥳

📅 AMA:

Our next AMA is taking place on August 1st!

A reminder to give us a 🔥, 🤩, ❤️ or a 👍 at the end of this if you like the new format from this independence edition! 🙏🏼

We hope that you’ve celebrated something this weekend! 😎

The BTAF token team


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