Staking in the current 90-day / 35% APR contract has been turned off!

❗️ As mentioned last week, the ability to stake in the current 90-day / 35% APR #BTAF token contract has now been turned off.
This has been done in your best interests as the rewards generated (if you were to stake only now) vs the potential fees that one might incur, would not be feesible (see what we did there?) 😎
Your currently-staked tokens are still, however, generating rewards and will continue to do so until the contract matures. You can claim your rewards at any point, without any penalty. 🥳
But, if you do UNSTAKE before the end of the contract, you will incur a penalty.
The August Gifting airdrop will be taking place tomorrow, the 1st of the month, and just in time as we will be announcing (a) new #staking contract(s) to be launched on August 8th! 🔥
Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement 👀
Visit our BTAFSTake page here

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