🥩 Important dates to be aware of in the current 90-day / 65% APR staking contract 👀

🥩 Hi there BTAF token stakers!

Here’s the next update on the current staking contract:

🥩 31 May – The ability to stake any new BTAF tokens to the current 90-day / 65% APR will be turned off. You will still be able to claim your generated token rewards.

💸 1 June – The next monthly Gifting airdrop takes place soon (remember to submit your forms if you haven’t yet!).

🥩 4 June – If you had been able to stake your BTAF tokens at this point, it would no longer be viable for you to have staked them as the fees for staking would have outweighed the token rewards generated 🤓.
(We’re trying to look out for you, our community.)

🥩 20/21 June – The current 90-day / 65% APR contract matures 🥳 Wait for the countdown timer to hit “0” before unstaking. If you unstake before this time, you will incur a fee. Patience pays off perfectly!

More details on the new staking contract (that will be launched soon) will be announced timeously 🔥

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