🥩🥩🥩🥩 BTAF token weekly bulletin #49 – 8 December 2023

🥩🥩🥩🥩 BTAF BULLETIN – 8 December 2023 #49

“On the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth days of Xmas, my true loves Tuffy & Fluffy gave to me…” 🎶😁

Quick, what’s 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = ?

Also, can you find all the Xmas gifts in this week’s graphic? 👀😁

Speaking of gifts, if you were on the AMA yesterday, you would’ve seen and heard all about what is coming up next week in our next contest (and so much more)!! 🔥🐶🔥

📺 Recording: You definitely don’t want to miss out on watching yesterday’s AMA where the team covered the upcoming function ont the website, BTAFBuy, as well as the newest staking contract, the most recent litter of NFT puppies, and more!

🐶Cyber Dogz NFTs: As mentioned in the AMA, Tuffy has now had the Organic Litter! With hyper-realistic fluffy features, and also unlockable one-of-a-kind content, these pups are also not to be missed! More details on the adoption process of these to come as soon as they’re of the right adoption age 😏
Also, DID YOU SEE THOSE EPICLY CUTE rare cards as well?! Each card has an unlockable prize within – so DOUBLE WIN! 🤩
So, do you want to get your grubby little paws on one?!?
Read down below for more info on how to! 🤓

🥩 Staking:

📣 We launched the brand-new fixed-6-month / 20% APR staking contract on Monday this week! 🥳🔥
It is slightly different from the other 3 staking contracts that we’ve had in that it has no set start/end time, but you obviously want to start staking sooner rather than later! For all the info, check out the post in the official announcement channel from earlier this week! 🔝

❗️Please (remember to) unstake any tokens still left in the 3 staking contracts, and claim your rewards there. These tokens can be then staked in the new contract.

🎮 Community Contest: As mentioned on the AMA as well, in the next week or so, we’re going to be launching another Gleam contest, with easy entries! And the prizes?! THOSE EPICLY CUTE NFT CyberDogz cards!! 🤩😍🤩🔥
Keep watching the channel for all the info next week! 👀

💎 IPO Members: Reminder to keep checking the IPO channel for more of the Coin Quest Lite calls, as well as updates around the IPO members call for 2024 🤝

⚡️ BTAFPay: You can use your BTAF tokens to pay for services, signals and products over at BitcoinTAF.com!
Head on over to the Online Store in your back office, and then filter the products available that one can pay for by using BTAFPay!⚡️

🎫 For any BTAF token questions around any of the above, please visit our Help Centre at https://help.btaftoken.io/ or create a support ticket HERE.

📅 AMA: As for the first AMA of new year, we’ll be updating you here as to when it will be as it falls over the festive season. But fear not, the weekly bulletin will continue to keep you all updated until then!

As for this weekend.. you know what to do 😉

The BTAF token team


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