BTAF token weekly bulletin #28 – July 14th

BTAF BULLETIN – 14 July 2023 #28

What an exciting week it has been over here at BTAF token &! With the pre-sale allocation our members were presented with being sold out, what a cracker end to this week it is! 😁

πŸŽ₯ If you missed yesterday’s AMA do watch it so you can catch up on all that you missed.

🚨 Speaking of yesterday, Nico touched on some educational elements around the differences between utility and security tokens.
Here is a brief recap, but do watch the AMA for the comprehensive review:

Utility Tokens:

Utility tokens are essentially a form of digital access ticket. They provide users with future access to a product or service in a blockchain-based ecosystem.
They are often used for crowdfunding purposes in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and they do not grant ownership rights over a part of the issuing entity.
The value of utility tokens is based on the demand for the product or service they give access to, making them more like a coupon or credit within the specific project’s ecosystem.
They are not intended to be investments and are usually not subject to securities regulations.

Security Tokens:

Security tokens represent an investment in a blockchain-based project or entity and are similar to traditional securities like stocks or bonds.

They derive value from an external, tradable asset and are subject to federal securities regulations.

Security tokens often convey ownership rights (like equity or debt) or a right to future profits (like dividends), making them more like a traditional security in the world of finance.

They are intended to be investments, and their holders expect a return on investment, either in the form of profit share, dividends, or price appreciation.

In essence, the primary difference between utility and security tokens lies in their purpose, rights they confer, their regulatory status, and the expectations of the holders.

❗️ IPO: The BitcoinTAF Hybrid Meta Project Product sold out in 2 days πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ . Thank you to everyone who participated. It may be the start of something big. We will be sending an email to all those who participated very soon, please watch out for that.

⚑️ BTAFPay: Keep an eye out here for the announcement of which product will be next in line for eligibility πŸ‘€

πŸ“‰ BNB analysis:
Perfect support on the 232 HPL level and a green dot rocketed the trend up to the blue vwap on Monday with further support here and another spike back to the weekly 253.5 level. BNB is turning bullish. The bottom lower low was 221 as we said previously. The trend is coming close to a significant volume ema. The next historical projection level (HPL) is at 266.8. Alerts on this level. Next weekly level is at 303.1. Detonator B also turned bullish.

πŸ₯© Staking:
We are into the 5th week of the 90-day / 35% APR contract, which is still ready to accept those BTAF tokens that you unstaked from the previous contract, as well as the tokens that you generated in that contract!

❗️If you have not yet completed your forms for the BTAF token Gifting airdrop, please do so sooner rather than later as the August Gifting airdrop is around the corner.

The Gifting airdrop form completion deadline is 1 Oct 2023. You all need to complete the form prior to this date in order for you all to be eligible for your BTAF token gift!

🎫 For any BTAF token questions around any of the above, please visit our Help Centre at or create a support ticket HERE.

πŸ“… Note: The next live AMA is scheduled for Thursday, July 27th 2023 at 9am UTC. More details on this to come as usual.

May you all have a ‘phygital’ weekend! 😁


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